About Alaska Scrap Metal and Recycling

 Alaska Scrap Metal and Recycling

What does Alaska Scrap Metal and Recycling actually do?  Metal Recycling in Alaska is our game.  We recycle ALL types of metals including copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and iron.  We pay for all scrap metals based on a percentage of market price.  We will accept any metal scrap including appliances, junk cars, copper, aluminum, and iron, etc.  If it’s scrap metal we will take it and we will recycle it.

The benefits of metal recycling are astounding.  Take for instance the aluminum pop can.  By recycling one pop can, the energy saved would power your television set for 3 hours.  That one pop can alone generates a 95% energy savings over digging ore out of the ground and processing it.  That’s amazing!  As the price of fuel goes up the value in recycled metals follow.  By recycling metal we are playing a huge part in energy conservation.

 Our Specialty is Recycling the Metal in Junk Cars and other Heavy Iron.

Scrap metal in a huge heap of rusty cars

Scrap Metal for Recycling

The benefits are many….saving energy has a global impact through energy conservation. Cleaning up neighborhoods has a local impact by raising property values for homeowners. Also we are alleviating environmental concerns that are present anytime you have junk vehicles rotting on the ground.

We have salvaged 1000’s of junk cars and 1000’s of tons of iron from the Kenai Peninsula and the state of Alaska since our inception in January of 2008.  You may bring your junk car to either our Anchorage facility or our Soldotna facility.

Bring all of your scrap iron and tin to us.  Non-ferrous scrap metal?  We pay for that and we recycle it, too!  Have too much?  It’s possible that we can come and pick it up.   Just give us a call to discuss your needs.

Alaska Scrap Metal and Recycling  is helping clean up the Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage and the surrounding areas.

Call us with questions or concerns.
Anchorage: Open Monday-Friday 8:00 to 5:00.
Soldotna: Open Monday-Friday 9:00 to 5:00

Recycle!  It’s good for everybody!

Scrap metal being picked up by a Crane Grabber

Crane and Scrap Metal

We buy and sell all types of scrap metal throughout the state of Alaska.  We offer scrap removal services, industrial, and oilfield cleanups, hauling services and more.  We have a recycling center located on the Kenai Peninsula in Soldotna and a recycling center located in Anchorage.

Alaska Scrap and Recycling is a full-service scrap metal, metal recycling, and salvage enterprise that specializes in purchasing, recovering,  processing and shipping of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.  If it is metal we will buy it from you.

We offer our demolition and dismantling services to the entire state of Alaska.  Our 2 locations are conveniently located.  We have a 6.5 acre facility located in Soldotna on Kalifornsky Beach Rd serving the entire Kenai Peninsula.  Our Anchorage location is 4 acres and is located down by the dock on E. Whitney Rd serving Anchorage and the valley locally.

Our state of the art facilities are a quick and efficient way to recycle household  and industrial scrap metal.  The process is simple.  You bring the scrap metal to us. We weigh it on state certified scales and give you money.  If you have a little bigger project we can help with that too.  We have extensive expertise in demolition and Salvaging of scrap metals all over the state of Alaska.

Our Past Projects

scrap metal in a pile of old rusty boats

Rusty Boats

Our unique work has included the salvage of no-longer seaworthy metal vessels, the tear down of buildings and underground metal storage tanks, site cleanups of abandoned homesteads and oilfields.
Our long term projects involve the clearing of scrap metals from landfills in Seward, Homer and the Kenai Peninsula’s main landfill in Soldotna.

Other large jobs we have completed include clearing the landfill in Cordova, Alaska of the 2010 and 2011 summer seasons.


Another project we have completed is a cleanup on the Island of Adak of contractor and military equipment and scrap metal that was left behind at the base closure, as well as the demolition of various buildings thereon.

Peninsula Scrap,
42462 Kalifornsky Beach Rd
Soldotna, Alaska 99669
Tel. (907) 262-7258

Alaska Scrap
720 East Whitney Rd
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone 907-277-2727 or 907-27SCRAP