Recycled Metals and Their Uses


Iron – The statement ‘iron is everywhere’ is true. It is not an understatement. It is a fact that you can find iron or   a form of it, wherever you may be. Some may not be visible to the naked eye   but still exists.  From the button on your jeans to the frame on your   car. Iron is used in all or part of everything that you touch.


Aluminum – is a comparatively new metal   that has been produced in commercial quantities for less than 100 year, but   is second only to iron in world consumption. It weighs about one-third as   much as steel or copper, and because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, it   is ideally suited for aircraft, missiles, automobiles and trucks and marine   vessels. Primary sources for scrap are beverage cans, aircraft, vehicles,   appliances, furniture and electric appliances.
Copper – this red metal is widely used for   its electrical and thermal conductivity, its chemical stability, and its   work-ability. Brasses are copper alloys containing zinc as the principal   alloying element. Bronzes are copper alloys in which the principal alloy in   elements are tin and zinc. Other classes are copper nickels,   copper-nickel-zinc alloys, and leaded coppers. Automobile radiators,   telephone and utility wire and cable, tubing, electrical motors, generators,   ammunition shell cases, plumbing fixtures, and railroad equipment are major   sources of obsolete red metals.


Zinc – One of the most important uses is   as a protective coating (galvanizing) on steel. It is widely used to make die   castings for automobile and construction applications, as an alloying element   with copper to make brass, and as a chemical compound in rubber and paints.


Lead – The major use is for batteries for   energy storage. It is also used in ammunition and electrical cable sheathing.   Scrapped batteries account for the majority of recovered lead. As a percent   of output, lead is the most recycled metal.

Brass – is a mixture of copper and zinc   with traces of other metals.  Brass is used in construction in things   like screws, rivets and valves